Underfloor Heating (UFH)

Q. Why are there so many different products and which one should I buy?
A. UFH has evolved through time, from the loose cable products through to the new Matt Stretchy. As some of our clients still prefer the older products we still sell the whole range and let you, the customer decide.

Also you need to decide whether you want the UFH for floor warming or sole source of heating.

Loose Cable Systems

loose cableUnderfloor heating started with loose cable systems that were handy to use in small areas but were very time consuming to install.

Buy if your time is less valuable than your budget.

Conventional Mat systems

standard matUFH developed and the cables were then stuck onto a mat backing to make installation much easier. Our systems have moved a step further with the Standard mat and Sole Source mat offering cables embroidered onto a fabric backing. The only negative aspect about conventional mat systems is that they cannot be stretched to fit the complete area.

Buy if you value your time and want a quality product.

Matt Stretchy 200

matt stretchyWe have combined the benefits of the loose cable and mat product and have come up with the perfect system Matt Stretchy.

Buy if you value time, quality and the best product around at an affordable price.

Specialist products

wet room matRHE matAlthough all of our systems can be used in wet-rooms we make a system designed specifically for this purpose EPB, we also have systems designed for use under carpet and wooden floors.

Buy if you want the best systems designed for a specific purpose.

What else do I need?