What do I need?

All you need is a the correct sized under floor heating system, a Thermostat/control device, an RCD and the adhesive to stick the mat down to the sub-floor.

What size of heating system do I need?

bathroom planIt is essential to make sure that the correct sized heating mat is ordered; remember, underfloor heating is not installed under permanent furniture. The bathroom pictured is 1800mm long by 2500mm wide, this equals 4.5m² of floor area, but the actual amount of underfloor heating required is only 1.5m².

To work out how much UFH you require simply work out the m² of the room by measuring the length of each wall and then simply multiply the two dimensions together (1.8m x 2.5m = 4.5m²). From this amount you need to subtract the area covered by fixed units by doing the same calculation for each unit and subtracting these amounts from the total. Remember the mats cannot be shortened so make sure you are buying the correct size.

What controls should I use?

We always recommend installing a programmable thermostat combined unit. This timer/thermostat can be used to monitor the temperature at floor level. If the system is to be used for floor warming, you should have a floor thermostat, and for sole source heating you can use an air and floor thermostat combined. Simple thermostats with just an on/off function are also available.

What product should I install?

The Floor Warming Company supply many types of underfloor heating, each designed to create beautifully warm floors, with some capable of acting as a stand-alone heating system. We can offer you the best UFH because our manufacturing partner, Domoteck has factories set up purely to manufacture the finest underfloor heating products available.

You only fit it once, make sure it’s the best!

How do I install the products?

Installation is very straightforward, please download the instructions here.