Underfloor heating, whether it’s electric or water based is used either to heat an otherwise cold floor or as a sole heating system.

Wet systems tend to be more complicated, less versatile, and need to be installed by a specialist.

Electric underfloor is ideal for renovation and for installation beneath tiles.

Water based systems are generally used in new-construction and come in pipe format with hot water being channelled through the pipes powered by gas or, in some cases, electricity. The pipes are laid under the screed so they are an indirect heating system.

The benefit of a wet system is that gas is cheaper than electricity so the running costs are less. The down side is that it is very hard to control the heat either up or down, taking some 3-4 hours to feel any difference in the heat.

Electric underfloor heating is used primarily as direct heating in areas like bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. It is easy to install, adds only a few millimetres to the depth of the floor and, with the use of a programmable thermostat, is very easy to control.

Electric UFH will provide either background heat, or in the right circumstances, a primary source of heating, negating the need for ugly, space-intruding radiators. To ascertain whether the heating can be used as the sole source in a room, there needs to be adequate insulation under the floor, double glazing and a high percentage of floor area free to install the heating.

Although the running costs are slightly higher, electric systems are cheaper to install and easier to maintain. Plus they are more eco-friendly.

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