Electric underfloor heating can be used as either a floor heating system or as a sole source of heat for individual areas. Electric underfloor heating can in the correct circumstances replace radiators, providing extra living space and giving warmth enhancement to any floor surface. Whether you have stone, tiles, wood or carpet we will have the best product for your project.

How Green is UFH?

With our heating it’s possible with the sensitivity and positioning of the floor probe to reduce the temperature by 2ºc without affecting the level of comfort within the room. This means that energy loss can be reduced by 20%, which is both environmentally and economically beneficial. Additionally the need for gas or fuels is removed, as is the need to route emissions out of the building. The design process is therefore considerably simplified and the environment created is clean, safe and 100% efficient.

Suffer from any allergies?

Another benefit of UFH is that dust particles travelling around the room are significantly reduced, as the heating only produces very minimal air circulation – a welcome relief for anyone who suffers with asthma or allergies.

No maintenance means no added costs!

There are cost savings too, as there is no need for any kind of maintenance contract as once the systems are installed they can be forgotten about for years to come.

heating diagram
heating diagram